Students going the extra mile

The study association of the master’s program in Sustainability, Science, and Policy, ASAP, has kept a community garden for about four years in Maastricht on the Mergelweg. Under the inspiring leadership of Colin Laviolette, around eight students maintain the garden. And successfully, as the first potato, zucchini and tomato shoots are carefully coming out of the ground. He is proud of that. “When we took over the garden from the previous class of students, it was a big jungle. Now, everything is relatively organized again.”

Born in the countryside near Verviers, Colin, as one of four children, helped in the garden. He is not an expert but is very enthusiastic. And his experiments usually turn out well. “I had some potatoes left over, which I cut down the middle and planted. And it worked. That’s so cool to see. And everything we’re doing is eco-friendly.”

Source + complete article: Maastricht University